Thursday, October 17, 2013

Who's Bradley's Guardian Angel?

Here's a short passage from Hollywood Angels. Who's Bradley's guardian angel? Find out on Monday when Hollywood Angels is available for download for only $0.99.

     I tightened my wings against my back, wrapped my arms around my body in a hug, and closed my eyes. The water was colder than I expected. It engulfed my body without a single ripple or a wave, defying the laws of physics in a successful attempt to make my mishap unnoticeable.
     Opening my eyes underwater, I expected to see one set of toes, Brendan’s toes, dancing on the bottom of the pool, but instead, I saw three sets. The second set was definitely Bradley’s; I recognized the shorts he was wearing. The third set of toes was half hidden in a swirl of white robe, an angel’s white robe. Ah, that explained the first splash I heard.
     I popped my head out of the water. The two boys continued their childish game of combat, forcing me to duck and dodge a round of fists.
    “Damn, you, Bradley! Let me go!” Bradley pulled Brendan toward his chest, catching him in a headlock.
     “Okay, okay, but you have to say ‘uncle’.”
     “Uncle, uncle.”
     But that didn’t end Bradley’s battle. Bradley jumped up from the water and gave Brendan one last dunk. Turning quickly to get out of Brendan’s way, I finally saw him – Bradley’s guardian angel.