Sunday, October 13, 2013


Who wants to join my street team?

What’s a street team and what do they do?  An online street team is made up of people who have read or plan to read an author’s book and is a fan. Anytime the author posts an event for the book on Facebook – cover reveals, book releases, contests, awards the book is nominated for, etc. – the author posts it on the Street team Facebook conversation, and the street team members share the posts on their own Facebook pages as well as bloggers posting it on their blogs. Members can also help out by nominating and voting for the author’s books, and spreading the word for others to do so, too.

It is fun, easy, and only takes minutes.

 In return for aiding the author in promoting his or her books, street team members get free electronic copies of the authors’ books along with special book swag.

Fellow author, Jennifer Anne Davis, and I would love you to join our street team – Flaunt Force.  In doing so, you’ll get to know Jennifer Anne Davis, too, and also become privy to her book releases, special event – and don’t forget – ebooks and swag.

Join the fun by joining our team. Together we will flaunt with a force.

If you are interested, all you need to do is click on this link and introduce yourself to the team with a reply.